Dr. Awesome Doge

2013 - Bitcoin
2014 - Tor
2015 - Ethereum
2016 - GFW
2021 - TON Blockchain

Dr. Awesome Doge is a renowned blockchain scholar and innovator, particularly in the TON blockchain space. Since diving into Bitcoin in 2013 and translating foundational texts, he has been a pivotal figure in Asia’s largest Bitcoin community. His early research at Taiwan’s Academia Sinica focused on Bitcoin’s security and network consensus, alongside studies on the Tor Network.

In 2015, Doge’s exploration extended to Ethereum, sparking research in Ethereum address attacks and mining. His master’s degree at Peking University, completed in record time, revolved around supercomputers and the Great Firewall of China, with a special focus on Telegram. This period also marked his engagement with prominent figures in the Ethereum community.

Doge’s scholarly contributions include numerous papers on diverse topics from machine learning to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. His deep understanding of international human rights, shaped during his time in China, underscores the importance of cryptocurrencies in his ideology.

Returning to Taiwan in 2018, he founded Cypherpunks Taiwan, advocating for privacy and cryptography. His expertise led to founding BlockTempo, a leading blockchain media, and contributing to Japan’s digital currency research. Doge’s advisory roles and collaborations with major blockchain entities like Huobi and Bitmark highlight his industry influence.

In 2021, Doge was captivated by the NewTON project, joining the Core Team and spearheading initiatives like tonmine.com and tonstake.com. His efforts in mining, staking, and API service development have been vital to TON’s growth.

At the forefront of the TON ecosystem, Doge established TonX Studio, launching key platforms like ton.run, tondaddy.com, and tondrive.io. His contributions, particularly in integrating TON ZK algorithms and developing the first TON multisignature wallet, tonkey.app, showcase his commitment to advancing TON blockchain technology.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Why should I continue doing a job that others can do? But there is one job I will never quit: scientific research.” — Wang Ganchang
  • “Travel is moving from a place where you are tired of living to a place where others are tired of living.”
  • “Life is like a train journey, with people boarding and alighting. No one accompanies you to the end; those who do are a matter of fate.”
  • “We should not fear death, but rather fear not having lived seriously.”
  • “The pleasure of sexual desire brings only temporary satisfaction. As the great Indian scholar Nagarjuna said: ‘Scratching an itch brings pleasure.’ “ — Dalai Lama
  • “Where there are people, there are grievances and grudges; where there are grievances and grudges, there lies the world of human interactions.” — Jin Yong
  • “Only those who are not afraid of failure can succeed; only those who are not afraid of losing can truly possess.” — Dr. Wan Yongting

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