In this article, I share insights into Bitcoin and its presence within the Tor network, focusing on notable Bitcoin websites that operate as .onion sites. This exploration is strictly educational and does not delve into aspects like money laundering or gambling. To access these websites, the use of the Tor Browser1 is necessary.

Zcash Official Website

Zcash is a cryptocurrency distinguished from Bitcoin by its selective transaction encryption. Users have the option to disclose transaction details, unlike Monero, which encrypts all transactions. Zcash also allows for unencrypted transactions.

.onion URL: http://zcashph5mxqjjby2.onion/


GreenAddress utilizes Bitcoin’s multi-signature technology. This technology involves splitting a single private key into multiple keys using a hashing method. It also sets a parameter dictating how many keys are required to authorize a transaction. In GreenAddress, the private key is divided into two: one held by the user and the other by GreenAddress. A transaction is initiated with the user’s signature and then signed by GreenAddress before broadcasting. This dual-signature system ensures protection against double-spending attacks, allowing merchants to confidently accept zero-confirmation transactions.

.onion URL: http://s7a4rvc6425y72d2.onion/en/ is a well-established Bitcoin blockchain explorer and wallet service provider. The site offers comprehensive blockchain analysis and visualizes data through various charts.

.onion URL: https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/


Strictly speaking, Reddit/bitcoin is a forum rather than a typical website. However, its vibrant discussions on Bitcoin surpass those on Bitcointalk. Given Reddit’s commitment to user privacy, it has become a favored platform for privacy-conscious Tor users.

.onion URL: http://redditmoongroogs.onion/r/Bitcoin/