Inscriptions on the TON Blockchain are defined as textual data embedded within transactions, typically formatted in JSON. These inscriptions describe key details such as the type of token, its total supply, and the current operation being performed.

Token Deployment

A simple TON-20 token, named ‘nano’, is deployed using the following inscription format:

This inscription outlines the token protocol, operation command, token name, maximum supply, etc. In the TON Blockchain, deploying a token requires sending a zero-value transaction to oneself, with the following content. The TON 20 indexer recognizes the first appearance of such a token deployment inscription in the network as the official initiation of the token, assigning the initiator as the token’s founder. Any subsequent inscriptions with the same token name are ignored by the indexer.

data: application / json, { p: "ton-20", op: "deploy", tick: "nano", max: "2100000000000000000", lim: "100000000000" };


Following the deployment of a token inscription, others can engage in TON 20 token minting through their own inscription transactions. These inscriptions record the desired token standard, operation code, and token name. Based on the initial deployment transaction, subsequent minting inscriptions are indexed in order, leading to the acquisition of TON 20 tokens.

data: application / json, { p: "ton-20", op: "mint", tick: "nano", amt: "100000000000" };


Once a large number of TON 20 token minting inscriptions have been initiated, the indexer defines and acknowledges the possession of TON 20 tokens. To transfer tokens, one must be aware of the token balance in an account, which the indexer calculates by indexing all deployment and minting inscriptions for TON 20 tokens. With the balance known, users can initiate TON 20 token transfer inscriptions, including operation codes for transfer, token name, destination address, and amount. These transfer inscriptions are indexed by the network, updating the balance of TON 20 tokens for each account.

data: application / json, { p: "ton-20", op: "transfer", tick: "nano", to: "UQDc4RBidUBLRYeGhSGoNzoxBkMJCCq-o6prwZW-PboQVu7P", amt: "1000000000" };

This article provides a technical overview of the operational mechanics of inscriptions on the TON Blockchain, particularly focusing on TON-20 tokens. It elucidates the process of deploying, minting, and transferring these tokens, highlighting the sophisticated technology underpinning these operations. The TON Blockchain’s use of inscriptions for token management showcases its advanced capabilities in handling complex blockchain transactions and operations.