The indexer on the TON Blockchain plays a critical role in scanning all transactions on the network. Its primary function is to parse the inscription content of each transaction initiated by an address, which may include deployment, minting, and transfer operations. The indexer recognizes minting and transfer inscriptions of TON-20 tokens only after a deployment inscription for TON-20 has occurred.

Key Observations:

  1. Inscriptions for TON-20 Deployment, Minting, and Transfer: These inscriptions are recorded on the blockchain but are not computed by the blockchain system itself.
  2. Dependence on Indexer for Token Operations: For TON-20 tokens, both deployment and minting transactions must be indexed successfully; otherwise, subsequent transactions are considered unsuccessful.

  3. Balance Calculation for TON-20 Tokens: The computation of individual TON-20 token balances is dependent on the indexer, which aggregates data from both deployment and minting transactions.

  4. Transactions Without Indexer Verification: Users can initiate transactions without consulting the indexer for balances, potentially leading to transactions that are successfully launched but not recognized by the indexer due to insufficient funds.

Challenges with Centralization of the Indexer:

  • Transparency and Completeness: While blockchain data is publicly available, there’s no guarantee that the indexer has captured all transactions.
  • Timeliness of the Indexer: Ensuring real-time indexing of transactions is crucial.
  • Accuracy of Computation: Even with timely indexing, the correctness of the computational functions used by the indexer must be verified.
  • Latency in Balance Updates: There are significant delays and inaccuracies in the TON-20 balance calculations as performed by the current indexer.

To enhance the performance and accuracy of TON-20 token operations:

  • Development of a New Indexer: Building a new indexer that accurately records all transactions is essential.
  • Transparency in Computation Logic: Publicly revealing the logic behind balance computations allows for transparent and precise verification by all users.
  • Rapid and Accurate Balance Retrieval: Ensuring that users can quickly and accurately access their TON-20 balances is vital.

This detailed examination sheds light on the intricate workings of the TON-20 token operations within the TON Blockchain. The article highlights the crucial role of the indexer in managing token operations and the need for improvements in its efficiency and transparency to ensure the reliability and accuracy of transactions on the blockchain.